ZOHR Field

The Zohr Gas Field is an offshore natural gas field located in the Egyptian sector of the Mediterranean Sea. The field is located in the Shorouk concession, a concession with an area of 3,765 square kilometers in Port Said. It is the largest natural gas field in the Mediterranean sea, almost twice the size of the nearby Leviathan gas field. The total gas in place in the Zohr gas field is around 850 billion cubic meters. If confirmed, Zohr will almost double Egypt’s gas reserves.

SMA Provides Protection Against Dangerous Gases in ZOHR Field

We detect the most common toxic and explosive gases encountered in the Oil and Gas industry, including H2S, SO2, CO, CO2 and CH4.

Because of the high concentrations of H2S found during drilling, testing, work over and production operations, H2S, or hydrogen sulfide, is a major concern in the oil and gas industry.

We pride ourselves on facilitating the Oil, Gas and Maritime sectors across the world, working in H2S environments. Since our start-up we have become one of the world’s leading H2S contingency service providers. This long-standing experience has been developed through the provision of tailor-made solutions for large-scale and long-term projects.

H2S Safety Services

SMA is qualified and competent to ensure that the proper precautions and preventive measures are taken against the danger of gases.

The provision of H2S Safety Services includes our 24/7 assistance and consultancy, as it is our first priority to help our customers conduct a safe and efficient operation.