Optical Gas Imaging (OGI)

  • April 13, 2020

OPTICAL GAS IMAGING (OGI) Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) allows us to see invisible gases by detecting thermal energy (heat) with a specialized sensor. With this thermal imaging technology, technicians can observe and analyze large areas to detect and pinpoint exact locations of fugitive emissions. This method is orders of

Maersk H2S Safety Services

  • April 13, 2020

SMA Provides Protection Against Dangerous Gases We detect the most common toxic and explosive gases encountered in the oil and gas industry, including H2S, SO2, CO, CO2 and CH4. Because of the high concentrations of H2S found during drilling, testing, work over and production operations, H2S, or hydrogen sulfide,

Maersk Training – Dynamic Positioning System with GE and AASTMT

  • March 29, 2020

SMA Provides Various Maritime Courses Training is the core of our business and we take pride in always delivering the highest quality and ensuring that the competences can be easily transferred from the class room to the workplace – delivering real value in your operations. We apply action based